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I can’t Scroll down in my Excel worksheet

I cannot scroll up or down on a particular worksheet. All the other sheets in the workbook operate successfully, but this one appears to be locked. I have tried both the right hand scroll bar and the mouse. The indicator on the scroll bar moves but the page is “stuck”.

Supposing you’ve checked your hardware (and confirmed that your mouse works correctly…), please check the following things :

  • Are there frozen panes? E.g. the first row or column? If yes, try to unfreeze them. Therefore, go to View and click on Freeze Panes and again on Freeze Panes.
  • Are there any (hidden) other windows or dialogue boxes open? For example a sort window, but shown somewhere else (e.g. on another screen)? In such case, the scrolling might be disabled as well.
  • Are you pressing the Shift key? In such case, scrolling might not work.
  • If your workbook zooms in or out, you are probably pressing the Ctrl key at the same time.

source: https://professor-excel.com

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